• Adam Lockhart - co-founded Atlantic Wings. Adam is a consummate salesman, having started his career in magazine advertising before moving into music promotion with The Ministry of Sound. He started his own outdoors business, leading private hunting and fishing safaris across the globe. The sales bug never left him and in search of new challenges, he joined a leading Wet Leasing brokerage firm and spent five years learning about the workings of the airline market and aircraft. A specialist in Hajj pilgrimage ACMI leases, there is very little in aircraft leasing that Adam hasn 't seen and his knowledge of the industry is enormous.

    Kevin Callan - as recently joined Atlantic Wings, having been Chief Financial Officer with 2 European Airlines covering a period of over 17 years. Rather uniquely, he has 25 years of airline financial and commercial experience, having bought and sold both airlines and airliners with the Companies he has represented. He has been involved in aircraft acquisition, Dry and Wet Leasing of aircraft from major Leasing Companies and operating the same on behalf of both major airlines and commercial clients. He has an intimate knowledge of the jargon and international airline accounting processes, cross-border banking, leases and lease structuring, from both the Lessor and Lessee perspectives. Kevin leads the financial and administrative efforts of Atlantic Leasing.